Monday, December 5, 2011

Self Portrait - Phase One Complete

So I began to color my self portrait that I drew. I decided to do a more "fresco" type of technique. The dark blue hair took me one night and that was pretty hard. I still have to fill in the darker parts of the hair and do the rest of the face, shoulder, and background. I also decided to do primary colors for this piece.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Self Portrait...

     I've been wanting to do a self portrait of myself for a while now,ever since my birthday. I wanted to start a tradition for myself by doing a self portrait once a year on my birthday. I was so busy this semester, that I never got around to it. But I am going to do it now. So here is the reference that I am going to use for this year's portrait. I also want to do this to see how much my art changed over the years. A little experiment I guess. :)

Screw You YouTube!

     Why do they have to change their layout so many times? That's all I really wanted to say... plus...
     They always say that it will make your life easier with the new layout, but having to learn a new one all over again is WAY more hard and time-consuming!