At the moment Tania is 23 years old. She resides in Texas and is going to University and is in the studio art program to become a teacher. Though her true passion is writing and hopes to some day become a full-time writer of everything fiction.

     Vlogging - about crafts, clothing, makeup, hair and anime
     Blogging - (same as above)
     Sewing - making her own clothes/accessories and reconstructing/tailoring old things
     General Crafting - If she has the materials, the time and the imagination, she will make it!
     Writing - fiction like fantasy, fairy tales, some sci-fi, adventures, horror, satire, drama, historical fiction
     Reading - (same as above)

     1 adopted baby - Honey/Stinky (Jack Russel Terrier Mix)
     3 besties that I can talk to about anything! (What else could someone ask for?)

     Star Sign - Libra
     Chinese Year - Rabbit
     Birth Stone - Sapphire
     Height - 4'9"
     Clothing Style - Adorably and Colorfully Cute, Thrifty Vintage and Retro, Hand-Made and Reconstructed, and Comfortable-Free-Spirit Bohemian

     Color - green and pink (could you have guessed?)
     Animal - Stinky (my dog) and BUNNIES!!!
     Flower - sunflower
     Food - strawberries, cheetos, and pasta
     Drink - juice! (mainly grapefruit juice)
     Show - Parks and Rec
     Anime - Peach Girl, NANA, GTO, Kaleido Star
     Actor - Edward Norton, Mathew Grey Gubler, Joseph Gordon-Levitt ( but only for their good looks :P )
     Actress - Audrey Hepburn
     Movies - Howl's Moving Castle, Whisper of the Heart, and Kiki's Delivery Service
     Books - Howl's Moving Castle (series), Harry Potter (series), The Reformed Vampire Support Group, Dramacon (series), Sand Chronicals (series)