Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So I'm going to vent again...

     Like I mentioned in my past blog post, I mentioned that I don't like to be talked to like I am an idiot. Of course I don't think that anyone out there likes to be treated that way. Well. I was in my art class one day and one of our peer mentors, who is supposed to be helping us in any sort of artistic way that we may need. Well one of them basically said to me that if I didn't know where a certain building was then she and I should worry about one of my assignments getting finished this semester. And then I went and told her that I finished that assignment over 2 weeks ago. So yeah that just pissed me off, that she would think so low of me like that and just insult me in such a way, and in front of everyone. Darn it! people just make me so angry!
     *takes a deep breath*
... okay I'm fine...

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